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What Information Can Be Found in Education Records?

Schools are required by both state and federal law to maintain records and make them available to the parent or guardian of a student upon request. Disclosure of school records to anyone other than the parent or legal guardian without parental written consent is prohibited by law, with the exception of: school officials who have a legitimate educational interest or who are from a school district to which your child intends to transfer, certain state and national education agencies for enforcing federal laws, any person who is statutorily allowed to view such records, research organizations assisting the school, student financial aid officials, people who have a court order (with prior notification), certain people in health or safety emergencies, or law enforcement authorities in certain cases. Minimum requirements for such records are determined by the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), while additional state regulation may require even more rigorous record keeping and right of review.
The type of information that you can find in school and education records includes:

Cumulative File

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Academic achievement levels
  • Teacher reports
  • Report cards and grades

Confidential File

  • Written reports and evaluations of student by school staff
  • Reports from independent evaluators
  • Medical records released by parents or guardians
  • Individualized Education Program (IEP) records
  • Correspondence between parents or guardians and school officials

Compliance File

  • Reports of eligibility meetings
  • Correspondence between parents and school officials

Discipline File

  • Documents relating to school suspensions, expulsions or other disciplinary issues

How to Conduct a School or Education Records Search?

Disclosure of school records is guided by FERPA, which mandates that schools must show parents all records that are maintained by the school system related to their children. The only records exceptions to this rule are notes of school staff made for their own personal use, and not shown to other parties with the exception of a substitute teacher, and personnel records of school employees. To view school records, the parent or legal guardian of a student should contact:

  • The school or school district of attendance. A signed release of information will be required to obtain records, though some schools will accept any written request from the parent or legal guardian.

School and Education Records Resource Links

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) - The U.S. Department of Education provides detailed information on FERPA and the rights of parents to inspect and review education records maintained by schools.

Latest Questions and Comments for Education and School

15 Comment(s)Last comment at 2015-07-20 16:24 GMT

Why does Campbell County School District not have to archive student records, but everyone else does?
Answer 2015-07-20 16:24 GMT
My name was Vicky Kay Rose,I am now married (last name Kolhepp).In 1999 I was a resident of a halfway house in Newark,Ohio called Spencer House. While living at Spencer House I took my GED test but never received it. I was wondering how I can find my GED or test results.This was in Licking County.
Answer 2015-07-10 20:46 GMT
I am needing something with our address on it when we lived in Lawton, Oklahoma when I was in grade school or my sister who was in High School at the time. This would be back in 1968 or 1969. Where would I go to get this sort of information? Thank you
Answer 2015-06-24 14:51 GMT
I am looking for my transcripts to a school I attended in Honolulu 1969-1971. The school was called Electronics Institute of Hawaii and I later found out it was bought out by Honolulu Business College, but they also went out of business. My County personnel wants my transcripts beside my diploma. Can you help?
Answer 2015-06-18 14:52 GMT
my name is melvia dee fisher im looking for my transcript of adult high school diaploma in 1990 can u help me find them
Answer 2015-05-07 18:32 GMT
My mother, Catherne Anne O'Brien attended St. Anne's Academy in Ft. Smith, Ar. graduating in 1938. She was brought to the school as a young girl, by a relative who I believe was a teacher there. My question is this: I was hoping that her enrollment records and/or any other documents would list the name of the person who enrolled her - that is what I am searching for. Can you help?
Answer 2015-04-29 23:54 GMT
how can I find a transcript from a private Christian school in Georgia that is no longer in operation?
Answer 2014-10-22 22:21 GMT
i'm trying to get a copy of my california highschool equivilancy exam.I live in mexico and the school i got it at has since closed can i get a copy?
Answer 2014-10-10 02:45 GMT
How to get a copy of my diploma
Answer 2014-08-20 04:01 GMT
I am requesting a copy of my GED. I took the test in July of 1973 in Silver City NM. My name is Victor Eugene Cole
Answer 2014-03-12 23:22 GMT
yes my name danny jenkins i'm looking for my G.E.D. record that i obtain in 1982 would you be able to help me
Answer 2013-11-19 16:41 GMT
Hi my name is todd I am looking for my school records from 1967-1979 in logan adams logan jr high logan sr high grades classes and reports how can I get this info
Answer 2013-08-13 17:29 GMT
Is it legal for County Board of Education employees to access a student's records for their own use, or to share with others?
Answer 2013-08-07 05:01 GMT
I used to attend one of the schools in your state, however, i do not recall the name. Is there access to a link that could possibly lead me into the right direction? I would like to get all my info for my records. How would i start?
Answer 2012-12-31 08:28 GMT
hi my name is Christine and i need something to tell me where my kids had gone to school 
Answer 2012-12-12 04:13 GMT

Prominent Records for Education and School

Indiana Public Records - State Board Of Education Edit

The Indiana State Board of Education works to provide student-centered and learning-focused educational innovation. The Board is responsible for establishing the educational goals of the state, assessing the attainment of those established goals, ensuring compliance with established standards, and making recommendations to the Governor on educational and financial needs. Find the latest Board meeting agendas, minutes, and streaming video. Learn how you can get involved and participate in School

Physical Address:
Board of Education Superintendent of Public Instruction Room 229, State House Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2798
Contact: P: 317.232.6665 F: 317.232.8004

hi my name is Christine and i need something to tell me where my kids had gone to school 
Answer 2012-12-12 04:13 GMT

Iowa Public Records - Department Of Education Edit

The Iowa Department of Education provides resources for administrators, educators, students, families, and the general community. Learn about upcoming events and highlights and find messages from the Department. Find resources for teacher licensure, career opportunities, laws and regulations, legislative information, public meeting notices, and data and statistics. Learn about data reporting, education statistics, and online data requests. Find access to the Department's calendar, newsroom, and

Physical Address:
Department of Education Grimes State Office Building 400 E 14th St Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0146
Contact: P: 515.281.5294

Kentucky Public Records - Department Of Education Edit

The Kentucky Department of Education provides information for teachers, students, and parents including information about schools and districts, instructional resources, and administrative resources. Find information about assessment and accountability, education programs, special education, school improvement, and school district support services. Search for jobs within the Department of Education. Find resources for college and career readiness, achievement, and school finance.

Physical Address:
Department of Education 500 Mero Street Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
Contact: P: 502.564.4770

Maine Public Records - Department Of Education Edit

The Maine Department of Education provides a variety of services for students, teachers, parents, administrators, and the general public. Online services include child nutrition information, the longitudinal data system, special services applications, and certifications. Find grants information and resources for higher education. Learn about the Department's programs and initiatives, rules, and legislation. Locate school contact information. Find out about learning standards and guidelines.

Physical Address:
Department of Education 23 State House Station Augusta, Maine 04333
Contact: P: 207.624.6600 F: 207.624.6700

Maine Public Records - State Board Of Education Edit

The Maine State Board of Education acts in an advisory capacity to the Commissioner of Education in matters concerning state laws related to education. Learn about the Board's responsibilities and the individual Board members and their backgrounds. Find the latest press releases and reports. Learn about resolutions adopted by the Board. Locate Board meetings calendars and find out how you can get involved. Research the current Student Board members and their responsibilities and contributions.

Physical Address:
Department of Education State Board of Education 23 State House Station Augusta, Maine 04333
Contact: P: 207.624.6616

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