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What Information Can be Found in Bankruptcy and Business Records?

Financial, bankruptcy and business records can provide the necessary background needed on a potential business partner including the person's credit and financial dealings.
Information on lawsuits, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, property ownership, and business licenses and ownership can all be found in such records. The type of information that you can find on a person's financial and business dealings includes:

Business License Records

  • Business owner names
  • Corporate filings
  • Trademarks issued
  • Renewals of business licenses
  • Complaints about businesses

Real Property Records

  • Buyers' and sellers' names
  • Real estate agent and/or broker name & title company
  • Power of attorney
  • Deeds and grants
  • Abstracts and titles
  • Mortgage company and payments
  • Liens, pending actions and judgments
  • Foreclosures
  • Tax lien sales
  • Tax deed sales

Property Tax Records

  • Name and address of property owners
  • Value of property
  • Property size
  • Property title transfers

Occupational Licenses

  • Name, address and business name

Doing Business As (DBA) records

  • Address of business owner and business
  • Name and date of publication D.B.A notice appeared in

Certificates of Incorporation

  • Principal business owners and address

How to Conduct a Business and Banking Records Search?

Business and banking records can be found at the city, county, and state levels of government, though this can vary from region to region. You will want to investigate various offices for documentation related to divorce settlements, real estate transactions and business records, including:

  • The Country Clerk's Office retains information on criminal and civil court proceedings.
  • The Country Recorder's Office keeps information on real estate dealings, in particular land records, deeds, surveys, mortgages, easements and liens.

Business and Banking Records Resource Links

Property Records Industry Association - Industry discussion about the property records industry including identification, research, discussion development and drafting of national standards.

National Association of Counties - Find a county or learn about a county through this organization that researches, publishes and disseminates information about counties.

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As dept was founded 1933, where are banking records from immediately prior years founded? Farmer's State Bank, New Carlisle, IN failure ca. 1930-32
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What division is this?
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How much is a business record?
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Prominent Records for Bankruptcy and Business

Colorado Public Records - Division Of Banking Edit

The Colorado Division of Banking works to protect public interest in the state banking industry by regulating state chartered and licensed financial institutions. Find banks and institutions or file a complaint against state financial institutions through this Division. Access public notices see the current rates set by the Commissioner or find out more about the types of institutions that are supervised by this Division.

Physical Address:
Division of Banking 1560 Broadway, Suite 975 Denver, Colorado 80202
Contact: P: 303.894.7575 F: 303.894.7570

Colorado Public Records - Office Of Economic Development Edit

The Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) works to create a positive business climate through financial and technical support of regional economic development activities within the state. Seek business support through various industry programs such as aerospace, bioscience, renewable energy or assessment programs such as Community Economic Development Assessment or Community Action Planning.

Physical Address:
Office of Economic Development and International Trade 1625 Broadway, Suite 2700 Denver, Colorado 80202
Contact: P: 303.892.3840 F: 303.892.3848

Delaware Public Records - Business Records Search Edit

Search for a business entity in the state of Delaware by entity name or by file number to receive entity name, file number, incorporation/formation date, registered agent name, address, phone number and residency. Additional information may be obtained for a fee. Search results include both active and inactive entities and the current status of such entity.

Physical Address:
Division of Corporations John G. Townsend Building 401 Federal St., Suite 4 Dover, Delaware 19901

Florida Public Records - Business Records Search Edit

The Florida Division of Corporations provides multiple resources regarding business in the state. Look up a business name, print filing forms, see yearly statistics or learn more about how to start a business in the state. Search Florida Department of State business records for corporations, trademarks, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, fictitious names and general partnerships. Find judgment liens, federal lien registrations, or cable franchises. Search by name, owner name or

Mailing Address:
Department of State Division of Corporations Corporate Filings P.O. Box 6327 Tallahassee, Florida 32314

Contact Information:

Florida Public Records - Economic Development Organization Edit

Enterprise Florida is the official economic development organization for the state of Florida. The organization's purpose is to promote growth in Florida business and commerce by offering resources to assist with business start up, location or expansion in the state. For those considering locating a business in Florida, get site location data, regional & county information and learn about taxes and incentives in the state. This information is also useful for current Florida businesses who woul

Physical Address:
Enterprise Florida, Inc. 800 North Magnolia Ave., Suite 1100 Orlando, Florida 32803
Contact: P: 407.956.5600 F: 407.956.5599

Social Links:

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