Back To School Tips for an Easy Start

As soon as the August month comes to an end, it is time for kids and parents to prepare for a new school year. Just like any other new adventure, there is a lot to do when you are prepping up for a new session at the school. There are a number of things you need to juggle which might make you feel overwhelmed. If you are already dreading the end of August, here are a few tips to make your back to school expedition a great success:

Back to school tips for kids:
Kids experience a mixed feeling when they head back to school. While they are excited to meet old friends, make new friends and meet their new teacher, they may also feel intimidated by all the preparations they have to do before the school starts. Here are tips to make things better at this important time of the year.

  • Sort out your school supplies, books, and other belongings before the school starts.
  • Check out what you need, and what can be donated or recycled from your existing inventory.
  • Get your closet ready. Make sure your clothes, shoes are all clean and set for the school.
  • Get your backpack ready, with the supplies needed for the first day.
  • Get into your school routine even before the school starts. Put an alarm to ensure you do not mess up your first day by getting late.

Back to school tips for parents:
Making your child’s first day at school trouble-free is very important to every parent. You must organize things to have a swift back to school transition. The key is to remain calm and relaxed and take one thing at a time. Here are a few tips:

  • Prepare the uniform: If the school has a uniform, make sure it is clean and washed. If there is no uniform, then make sure the kids have their clothes and shoes ready for the school.
  • Prepare the bag: If you are parents of younger kids, you need to be extra careful here. While teenagers can manage their own school bag a kindergartener will need help in putting the supplies needed for the school. Moreover, you must ensure that all the items are labeled.
  • Visit the PCP: Visiting a primary care practitioner may be a good idea to ensure your child is fully covered against any health problems. Make sure the child is properly vaccinated and has all the necessary medical certificates required at the school.
  • Talk to your kids: As your child begins this new journey, talk to you kids about their expectations and anxieties. At different ages, kids have different needs and you are the best person to address them. As a responsible parent, you must also talk to your kids, especially the younger ones, about talking to a strangers. After the school starts, keep talking to your kids about how their day went. In case they talk about some unknown acquaintances, you may run a background check for your peace of mind.
  • Prepare yourself: Make sure you have phone numbers for the school in your phonebook. Get information about the bus route & its timings, your child’s classroom, your child’s teacher email id & phone number.

Now that you are all set, its time to celebrate the end of a beautiful summer and welcome the new school year!