Enjoy a Safe and Fun Halloween

Halloween is all about scary ghosts and goblins. It is the perfect time for kids to indulge themselves in some fun activities. It is time to dress in costume and go trick and treating with friends in the neighborhood. Some choose to dress in their favorite character while some just want to look spooky. But the goal is the same get as much candy as possible.

However, no matter how exciting and fun this time sounds to be, there are still some real-world dangers that may be waiting for your family right there. If you are wondering what the possible threats during this celebratory event could be? Just recall the time when you last attended the Halloween party where everyone was dressed up in a different way, making it hard to recognize who they are. During such events, it becomes really difficult to keep watch on the people and their activities.

That is why it is really important to be proactive when it comes to arranging for the safety of your loved ones. Here are some of the things to consider.

Get the costumes ready

Of course the kids want to pick the costume of their dreams but as parent you need to do the due diligence too. Make sure that it is not too big for them and that’s it is easy to carry. They should easily be able to walk in them. May be put the reflective tapes or lights on the costume so they are easily visible to the cars passing by.

Plan for the day

Discuss with them the path they plan to take to go around the neighborhood. And if some friends will be joining them for trick and treat. If you can walk with your kids, then that’s the best. If some other parent is walking with kids, you need to think how well do you know the parent. Should you run a background check?  Decide on a time for them to come home.

Remind kids about the safety tips

Whether they are going alone or in a group or with an adult, do go over the safety tips with the kids. Encourage them to
• Stay in a group and not wander off.
• Stay on the sidewalk as much as possible.
• Go to well-lit homes only for the treats.
• Watch for the cars.
• Not accept treats from any stranger on the road.

Lastly but most important, always check the candy that the kids bring home. By taking precaution, you can make it a safe and fun celebration for the children. Let them scare some and get scared by some. Happy Halloween!