Public Safety – How to get criminal records for anyone?

It’s a scary story. A family driving in the car gets chased by a gang of bikers and gets assaulted. Of course the law would take its course and punish the culprits but nobody wants to be in scenario whether alone or with family to be faced by ill-minded strangers. After all, we just want our family especially kids to be safe all the time.

Good thing is that government makes available many public records to one for the better information & judgment. Add to that the availability of smart phones and internet, we have a whole lot of data available to us at fingertips.  Important is to know how to use these two and when.

If you even get suspicious about a person your kid recently met or is simply seen more in your neighborhood, you could request for Criminal history for the person. For instance the information on South Carolina Criminal Records can be found here. Be informed & be safe.