How To Find A Final Decree Of Divorce?

The divorce decree is a legal order issued by a court for dissolution of your marriage. It finalizes the terms of divorce and determines the rights and responsibilities of parties involved. Most divorce decrees cover details about alimony, property division, visitation rights, custody and child support. Either party can prepare for the decree and file it with the clerk of court. For cases that went to trial because both parties couldn’t come to an agreement, the judge will issue a judgment and then decree is signed by the judge and court clerk.

In most instances, the court clerk or lawyer will mail you a copy of  your final decree. Otherwise, you can request a copy of your final decree of divorce from the vital records office of the county in which you received your divorce.

Whether you are documenting your family tree or conducting genealogy research, the information about the marriage and divorce records would come handy. So, where do you find the divorce records of your grand parents? It  might be difficult to find records of divorce when it has happened like 100 years ago or more. These divorce records were not routinely maintained in the United States until the early 1900’s. However, subsequent to this period, marriage and divorce records were maintained at the state level. For example Maryland Divorce Records can be found here.