How To Find Out If There Are Any Liens To A Property

Is this your first time to purchase a piece of property? You might want to know about liens on the property before you buy one. It could be a property lien or a tax lien A property lien is a legal claim by the creditor on the debtor’s property if the latter does not pay their debt. A tax lien is issued if the property owner did not pay the quarterly property taxes.

Each state government has its own laws about the type of liens. Liens are recorded with the local county clerk where the property is situated. These liens, once recorded, are available as public records. To know if there are any liens against the property you are interested in, you need to first find out about he county the lien is recorded and a correct property address. You can then visit the county recorder’s office for lien records. These recorded documents may also be available online. For instance, you can know more about Tennessee Property Records here.

Another way to know more about these liens is to work with a Title company. A title company would look into the property liens and other legitimate papers and issue a Title insurance. This Title insurance can protect you from liens that may not have been known or recorded. You need to make sure that your title insurance covers/protects all your interests about the property.