Do you know enough about your new health plan?

Affordable health act has been in a lot of conversations since the time it was conceptualized. And now we know it is part of the reason of the government shutdown. So what exactly is this affordable health act and where can we find more info about how it impacts us.

In simple words the Affordable health Act is a way of providing basic health coverage to all, taking pre-existing conditions out of the way and establishing minimum standards for the health plans. So it does impact the health care you receive and also the premiums you pay for them each month. These premiums either would shoot up or reduce depending on your household income.

To make a smooth transition to these new health plans, many state specific health exchange benefits have been set up. The federal and state government provide a wealth of information about this Act & new qualified health via various public resources. For instance if you are looking for the information about the Washington state, you can check out the Washington Pubic Resources. To get the information & resources to make informed decision about your health care, you could also see official website for Washington.