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What Are Public Resources?

The U.S. government provides a wealth of information, often times for free, via various organizations. Much of it can be accessed online if you know where to look. By category, these are some of the major subject areas that you can research online to find information that may be helpful to you in your consumer and business dealings:

Benefits, Grants Money, Loans, Financial Aid, Social Services, Social Security, etc. - From adoption assistance and tax credit information to child care tax credit, Medicare, student loan and welfare assistance, here are a list of links that could assist you in your social welfare matters.

Business, Economic, Commerce, Trade, and Economic Data - Find out how you can do business with the government, how to launch and manage a business or get involved with exports with this gateway collection of business and nonprofit related links.

Consumer Guides and Protection - An abundant list of resource links designed to educate you on consumer protection issues and how and where to file various consumer complaints.

Government Contest and Challenges - The U.S. government runs a continuous series of contests and challenges designed to promote objectives in the public interest. For children and adults alike, you can find out more about current interactive programs and challenges through the resources in this list.

Defense, International Relations and Military - This list provides links to agencies related to immigration and citizenship, international trade, foreign policy, and military resources.

Environment, Energy, Agriculture, Recycling and Conservation - Find out about important environmental issues related to natural resources, farming and agriculture, recycling and conservation, and weather and climate in this list of resources.

Family, Housing and Community - Maps, resources and more on community resources, family issues, housing and more. Includes information on child care, genealogy, education, elections and voting, planning and development and vital records.

Government Performance - For those interested in tracking government performance, these links will lead to information and analytics on government spending, investments and taxes.

Government Sales, Auctions and Surplus - New, seized and surplus merchandise and real property available for sale, bid or auction from the U.S. government.

Health, Nutrition and Medical Care - This list of health resources includes links to information related to insurance, prescription drugs, food, fitness and caregiving.

History, Art and Culture - From libraries and museums to architecture, you can find links to important resources about American history, culture and more.

Jobs and Education - This government compiled list includes resources on education, finding a job, public service and volunteer opportunities, and workplace issues such as minimum wage, workers' compensation and more.

Money, Taxes, Investing, Crimes and Scams - Locate information and tips on consumer protection, crimes and scams and taxes.

Public Safety and Legal Resources - This repository of information contains links to information on courts, crimes and prisons, disasters and emergencies, and law enforcement.

Public Service and Volunteering - Find out how you can get involved by donating or through government jobs or public service.

General Government Information and Logistics - This list of links will direct users to basic information about the United States and its government. Includes data and statistics, news, laws and regulations, calendars, abbreviations, acronyms and more.

Travel, Transportation, Tourism and Recreation - This list directs users to information regarding travel warnings and tips, or information about international travel including currency exchange rates and other helpful information for visitors to foreign countries or to the United States.

Voting and Elections - Citizens can find information related to voting, elections and elected officials within the United States.

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Prominent Records for Public Resources

Arizona Public Records - Department Of Housing Edit

Coordinates housing related services within the state and maintains relevant public records.

Physical Address:
Department of Housing 1110 W. Washington, Suite 310 Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Contact: P: 602.771.1007 F: 602.771.1002

California Public Records - Secretary Of State Edit

Access a wide variety of helpful resources through the California Secretary of State. This office serves as Chief Elections Officer in the oversight of state elections, and also maintains important business resources including business filings, commissions notaries public and as well as State Archives. Use this site to search for records on UCC, trademarks and servicemarks, business entities and more.

Physical Address:
Secretary of State 1500 11th Street Sacramento, California 95814
Contact: P: 916.653.6814

Social Links:

Colorado Public Records - State Bar Edit

The State Bar Association of Colorado is an organization of attorneys and legal professionals licensed to practice within the state. Search for a lawyer or verify the state bar status of attorneys. Check for disciplinary actions and keep up on the latest news for lawyers, general counsel and judges.

Physical Address:
State Bar Association 1900 Grant Street, 9th Floor Denver, Colorado 80203
Contact: P: 303.860.1115

Connecticut Public Records - Governor's Office Edit

Find information on the current governor of Connecticut, including a biography, news alerts and information about the governor's policies and positions on important issues. See Governor speeches, proclamations, executive orders and official portraits. Also learn more about the current first Lady. To request an appearance by the Governor at specific events, submit an online invitation more than 30 days in advance.

Physical Address:
Office of the Governor State Capitol Hartford, Connecticut 06106
Contact: P: 860.566.4840 F: 860.524.7395

Social Links:

Delaware Public Records - Official State Website Edit

Lookup citizen and business services in the state of Delaware related to taxes, law enforcement, government, business, licensing and more.

Physical Address:
Institute for Public Administration University of Delaware 180 Graham Hall Newark, Delaware 19716
Contact: P: 302.831.8971 F: 302.831.3488

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PublicRecords360 organizes various public records by categories. This page details Public Resources Records. Such categorization helps you find specific information about people. Search for any category and PublicRecords360 will aggregate & display all the relevant information. You can also check prominent records for that category. You can also simply type in the name of a person in the search box above and let PublicRecords360 search all records about that person across all states.

As per your needs, you can check public records in other categories such as Business and Banking, License & Registration, and Public records. For instance, if you are trying to find an old friend or relative, you can browse Voter records. Most people update their voter registration whenever they move from one place. On our home page, you can find the link to Election and Voting records page, where one can search for registered voters from all the states. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can leave a question for PublicRecords360 Team from the Contact page.

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