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What Information Can Be Found in Elections and Voting Records?

Citizen voter registration records are typically maintained through the department of licensing at the county or state level, and are subject to a certain amount of restriction. However, items such as poll books, precinct lists, and other current lists of registered voters are considered public record and may be available for public inspection or copying, though this can vary by state. Specific information on how an individual citizen voted in any election is not publicly available, though you can find out if a specific individual voted in a particular election. You can also find broader election and voting statistics within public records. In addition, an archive of the voting records of United States legislators is also kept on record and available for public review at the national and state levels.
The type of information that you can find in election and voting records includes:

Voter Registration Records

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Party affiliation
  • Date of affiliation and registration
  • Polling locations

How to Conduct an Election and Voting Records Search?

Voter records are most frequently maintained at the county or state level, though the availability of such information can vary accordingly. To obtain access to such records, contact:

  • The relevant elections and voting office in the region you are interested in. Most offer access to voting records either online or by written request to allow individuals to check voter status including provisional or absentee ballot status, lookup polling place location for a specific address.

Election and Voting Records Resource Links

Project Vote Smart - This public interest group provides the voting record of elected government officials on past legislation.

U.S. Census Bureau Voting and Registration - Composite information on reported voting and registration by principal demographics.

Voting and Elections - Information provided by the U.S. Government designed to assist citizens with registration and voting.

U.S. Electoral College - Hosted by the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, this site provides information on the U.S. Electoral College, past votes, and other voting resources.

Federal Election Commission - This office administers and enforces the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) which oversees public funding of Presidential and Congressional elections.

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Prominent Records for Election and Voting

Delaware Public Records - Elections Division Edit

In the state of Delaware, the Commissioner of Elections is appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. The Commissioner is responsible for leading the Department of Elections, which generally consists of a Commissioner's Office and a Department of Elections office in each county. The Office of the State Election Commissioner provides a number of resources for voters and candidates. Explore polling place maps, search election results archives, find voter registration records or regist

Contact Information:
P: 302.739.4277 F: 302.739.6794 E: coe_vote@state.de.us

Kansas Public Records - Elections Division Edit

The Kansas Secretary of State is responsible for maintaining the Elections Division which oversees the administration of all national and state elections in Kansas. Find information on voter registration, candidate filing, campaign finance, and future elections. Learn about past elections by viewing election statistics. Find out how you can help stop voter fraud. Learn about election reform, election standards, voting, and more. Find access to the Lobbyist Center and learn about substantial int

Physical Address:
Secretary of State Elections Division Memorial Hall, 1st Floor 120 SW 10th Avenue Topeka, Kansas 66612-1594
Contact: P: 785.296.4561 F: 785.291.3051

Kentucky Public Records - State Board Of Elections Edit

The Kentucky State Board of Elections provides a variety of information and resources for voters in Kentucky. Register to vote, find voter information guides, and figure out where you should go to vote, find resources for military and overseas voters, serve as an election officer, and learn about voter registration drives. Access the election calendar and learn about election laws Find election results and statistics, or request voter registration data. Learn about candidate filings, find sampl

Physical Address:
State Board of Elections 140 Walnut Street Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
Contact: P: 502.573.7100 F: 502.573.4369

Contact Information:
P: 800.246.1399 (Toll Free) F: 502.696.1952

Maine Public Records - Elections Division Edit

The Maine Elections Division is responsible for supervising and administering all county, state, and federal elections which includes tabulating election results, supervising recounts, and overseeing the application of state laws as it pertains to candidate and citizen initiative petitions. Learn about upcoming elections, voter information, election results, voter registration and election data, electoral districts, candidates, election law, and the Maine Constitution. Find your elected officia

Physical Address:
Elections Division Burton Cross Building 111 Sewall St., 4th Floor Augusta, Maine 04333
Contact: P: 207.624.7736 F: 207.287.5874

Mailing Address:
Elections Division 101 State House Station Augusta, Maine 04333-0101

Michigan Public Records - Elections Division Edit

The Michigan Secretary of State is responsible for overseeing the State's Election Division which provides valuable information for voters and candidates alike. Find information for voters including voter registration and absentee ballots. Locate your polling place and learn about what type of equipment you can expect to find there. Learn about the candidates and proposals found on your ballot. Candidates can learn about important deadlines when running for office and find requirements for filin

Physical Address:
Elections Division Michigan Department of State Lansing, Michigan 48918
Contact: P: 888.767.6424

What was Michigan's voting results on the definition of marriage?
Answer 2015-06-28 00:20 GMT

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